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OASISLAPALMA.COM, established by virtue of the law 34/2002, Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y del Comercio Electrónico (LSSICE), offers the following information: 

Responsible for the Web: Organización Agencia Servicios Isla Canarias S.L.U.
Address: Centro Comercial Centrocancajos, local 302, 38712, Breña Baja, Isla de la Palma, Canarias, Spain.

E-mail: agencia@oasiscanarias.com 

Phone: (0034) 922 434 409 and 922 438 052

(0034) 922 429 049

Fiscal number: B-38536579

Registration: Registered at the Registro Mercantil de S/C de la Palma, file 30, section 8, inscript. 1, book 0, page IB 1320, folio 76

IATA Travel Agency Number: 78251961  

Licence of travel agency: Islas Canarias, IC 368.

Member of CEPYME: Confederation of small and medium-sized enterprises on the Island of La Palma) Insurance Companies: Mapfre and AXA companies (La Palma).
Reclamation forms: Available at the company´s premises.

Activities: Intermediation between the mayor travel organisations and the providers of services with the traveller, for the promotion and sale of
the following services and touristic products:

Flight and boat tickets
Accommodation (Hotels, holidays homes, rural cottages, appartments, packages)
Car rental (Rent a car / carhire)
Combined trips (Hotels, holidays homes, rural cottages, appartments, packages)
Holiday offers (Hotels, holidays homes, rural cottages, appartments, packages)Sales of excursions by car, hiking, with or without guide
Information about the island of La Palma such as travel guides, maps, recommendations, etc.
General contracting conditions between Organización Agencia Servicios Isla Canarias S.L.U. and the user:

Organización Agencia Servicios Isla Canarias S.L.U offers the use of this Web site to users subject to acceptance without modifications by the user (hereinafter the “User”) of the General Conditions listed here in. In order for the User to make use of this Oasiscanarias Web site it is understood that the User is in agreement with all of these General Conditions. If the User is not in agreement with these Conditions it is not entitled to use the Oasiscanarias Web site. Organización Agencia Servicios Isla Canarias S.L.U is the owner of these Web sites: www.oasiscanarias.com,
www.oasis-la-palma.com, www.oasislapalma.comwww.oasislapalma.es, www.autosoasislapalma.com, www.oasis-la-palma.de, www.oasiscanarias.com and www.oasis-travel-la-palma.com.

The User declares that he or she is of adult age (i.e. aged at least 18) and has the legal capacity necessary for being bound by this agreement and for using this Web site in accordance with the General Conditions listed herein that he or she fully understands. The User is responsible for treating as confidential and suitably safeguarding the passwords provided to the User by Oasislapalma for accessing the Web site, preventing access to the same by unauthorised third parties. The User accepts responsibility for the economic consequences derived from any use of this Web site that arises from the use of the User’s password for the Oasislapalma Web site, as well as from the use of the User’s passwords by third parties.

The User also states that all of the information it has supplied for access to this Web site and in course of the use thereof is true, complete and exact and undertakes to keep this updated. The technical organisation for this program has been carried out by Oasislapalma, S.L.U.

The full amount for the travel is to be deposited when registering, with no reservation being considered as firm until said payment is made, otherwise the reservation is considered as cancelled and with the application of the conditions set out in the section on cancellations. 

The travel package price has been calculated on the base of the exchange rates, transport fare price, fuel cost and levies and taxes applicable as at the date of publication of the program or subsequent ones that, as applicable, may have been made public in printed form. Any variation to the price of the above items may give rise to a modification to the final travel price, both upwards and downwards, and for the strict amount of the aforementioned price variations. These variations are to be notified to the consumer in writing or by any other medium that provides evidence of the communication, with the consumer being entitled, in the case of significant modifications, to cancel the travel without any penalty or to accept the modification to the contract. In no case will there be an upwards modification in the twenty days prior to the departure date in respect of requests already made.

When the travel package is contracted as a consequence of special, last minute or equivalent offers, at a price other than that expressed in the programme, the services included in the price are solely those that are specified in detail in the offer even when this offer refers to one of the described programmes, provided that this reference is made for the exclusive purposes of general information on the destination.

1- The levies or taxes on hotel establishments.
2- The indirect taxes (V.A.T., I.G.I.C.) when these are applicable.
3- Stay in the selected establishment under the board conditions contracted or in other similar ones in the case of replacements.
4- Return transport (when this service is included in the corresponding travel itinerary).
5- All of the services and ancillaries specified in the corresponding itineraries. The sole authentic interpretation of the services offered in the travel package shall be that provided by the Organising Agency, meaning that, in the event of any doubts, the consumer has to consult the Organiser, meaning that the consumer, in the event of any doubts has to consult the former prior to the commencement of the travel so as to avoid the necessity of subsequent claims.

Visas, airport taxes, vaccunation certificates, “extras” such as coffee, wines, liquors, mineral waters, special diets, clothing laundry and ironing and optional hotel services such as car-parking, TV rental, etc

Apartments. – The customer is wholly and exclusively responsible for the correct declaration of the number of persons who are to occupy the room (without omitting children), whatever their age, when making the reservation. It is hereby stated that the Establishments’ administrations may legally refuse to allow the admittance of non-declared persons, with no right to any claim arising from this cause. When making the reservation it is necessary to reconfirm the place and time for key collection.
Hotels. The quality and content of the services provided by the hotel will be determined by the official category assigned to them and will be submitted to administrative controls. Given current legislation (which only provides for the existence of single and double rooms and allowing for a third bed in some of the latter), it is always deemed that the use of the third bed is made with the knowledge of the persons occupying the room. This tacit respect derives from the certain circumstance of having been previously advised, as well as with the room appearing as a triple in all of the reservation forms and in the travel’s definitive vouchers or documentation. Check-in and check-out times.- Hotel check-in on day of entry is as from 12.00 hours and as from 17.00 hours for apartments. Reservations are normally guaranteed until 20.00 hours. If later arrival is expected it is recommended that the hotel be notified directly. If this is not done the establishment may take up the room/s or apartment/s.

When travellers so request and with the corresponding prior payment, supplements that cannot be definitively confirmed by the Organising Agency, such as individual room services, sea view, private bathroom, etc. and said services cannot be provided, the Organising Agency does not contract any responsibility beyond that of reimbursing the amount paid for said services, to be received by the customer at the end of the travel.

Travellers’ baggage not covered by a terrestrial transport contract is understood for all effects as that the traveller has with it, whatever part of the vehicle in which this is placed and is carried on the traveller’s account and risk, without the Organising Agency being under the obligation to be held responsible for the loss or damage that might be suffered by these during the travel for any cause, with the presence of customers being recommended during all baggage loading and unloading operations. As for the air transport of baggage, we refer to the airline companies’ conditions as regulated by IATA. In the event of any damage or loss to baggage it is recommended that the appropriate claim be made immediately to the transport company.

Consult special conditions on free services or discounts for children. These free services or discounts are always to be understood as requiring the sharing of a room with two adults, with a maximum of two children per room. Cots: if this service is required it should be indicated when making the reservation, as hotels have a limited stock of units, and should be paid for directly in the hotel as an extra. Third person: consult the supplement applicable for an extra bed occupied by an adult, as this supplement can vary depending on each hotel. As hotels have few extra beds, it is advisable to ensure availability when making the reservation.

The user or consumer may at any time cancel the services requested or contracted, being entitled to the refund of amounts that might have been paid over, both if this is the total price or the previously provided deposit, but is to compensate the Agency for the items indicated below:
a) In the case of individual services: All of the management costs plus the cancellation costs if the latter are incurred.
b) In the case of travel packages: A penalty consisting of minimum 15,00 euros plus the charges for touroperator or flight company. 
c) Hotel cancellation charges:
If you need to modify or cancel your reservation you should contact your agent by telephone or by sending an email to the address supplied when your reservation was processed. Oasislapalma charges a fee of 15 EUR for cancellations and no shows. Modifications: just one free and then 10,00 euros per each one.  
Accommodation cancellation charges: If you cancel your reservation at least 72 working hours before arrival, the hotel or other accommodation may charge, normally  for the first night to cover its costs but some cases untill 100% (Ever have to be in spanish law). Holidays homes and rural cottages charge 100%.
* High season holidays, or during trade fairs, exhibitions, major conferences or while other important events taking place at the chosen destination, it will be necessary to give notice of the cancellation at least 30 days before arriving at the hotel. Otherwise the hotel may charge you for 100% of your booking as of the first night as a fee.
* In the case of no show, the hotel will apply the no show policy.
d) Oasislapalma cancellation charges are: 15 EUR.

The Agency undertakes to provide its customers with all of the services contracted through the programmes contained in this page, with the conditions and characteristics as stipulated. It shall be exempted from this obligation when there concur cause of force majeure, i.e. circumstances outside of the control of the party citing this, that are abnormal and unforeseeable, with consequences that could not be avoided despite all the diligence employed; or where there are sufficient causes covering those cases in which the Agency, despite acting with due foresight and diligence, is unable to provide the services contracted for reasons that are not attributable to it. If it is impossible for the Organising Agency to provide any service after having concluded the contract and prior to travel departure, the consumer shall be entitled to opt for its replacement by another of similar characteristics and quality, or to rescind the contract, being entitled then to choose between another travel package of equivalent or higher quality if the Agency can provide this, or to receive total refund of the amount paid over, with the decision to be notified to the Agency within 48 working hours. No compensation may be demanded for breach of contract when the impossibility arises for sufficient or force majeure causes or when the customer has opted for replacement of the service that is impossible to provide. If, for any reason that is not attributable to the consumer, or which is not justified by sufficient or force majeure causes, the Organising Agency cancels the travel package after having formalised the contract and prior to the date of departure, the customer shall be entitled to another travel package under the terms established in the previous paragraph, being obliged to notify the Agency of its decision within the period of 48 working hours. No compensation for breach of contract may be demanded when the cancellation arises for sufficient or force majeure cause. If there is non-compliance or poor compliance of services provided representing more than 50% of the travel price that is not due to sufficient or force majeure causes, the Organising Agency is to opt for other suitable solutions for continuing the travel package, without any price supplement for the consumer and, as applicable, to pay the latter the difference between the services planned and those provided. If such solutions were to be unviable or if the consumer does not accept these of objectively valid reasons, the Agency is to provide it in every case return to the point of origin, refunding to the consumer the corresponding proportional amounts. In these situations the consumer may demand compensation from the Organising Agency for breach of contract. Compensation shall not apply when there are sufficient of force majeure causes. Any impossibility for providing the services that is stated to the Organising Agency prior to concluding the contract will not justify a demand for compensation for breach of contract from the Agency by the customer, given that said contract has not finalised, with the programme modification being part of the natural process of its negotiation. In conclusion, the consumer may only demand compensation from the Organising Agency when there is been a bad provision or absence of the services that comprise the travel, or cancellation for circumstances other than causes of force majeure. *

Responsibility to the consumer for the proper performance of the obligations derived from the travel package contract is to lie with the Organising Agency for this, independently of whether these obligations are to be performed by it or by another services provider, except if said breach refers to obligations incumbent on the Travel Agency that sells to the consumer or user of the travel package and always within the limits established in these General Conditions and in the applicable legislation. When the consumer finds in situ the non-performance or bad performance of the services contracted, it should immediately the supplier of these and the Organising Agency within the period of 48 working hours so that the latter can take the appropriate measures. Failure to notify the Organising Agency shall mean that it is the consumer who is to prove breach in performance to the General Directorate for Tourism and/or competent court, as it is impossible, outside of the aforementioned period, for the Organising Agency to check the veracity of what is alleged, as well as to reach a satisfactory solution for all of the parties involved. In no case is the Agency to be held responsible for the costs of board, maintenance, transport and others that arise as a consequence of delays in flight departures or returns for technical reasons, weather causes, strikes or others of force majeure. In the event of an accident when the travel is effected using coaches that are owned or hired by the Organising Agency, whatever the country in which this occurs, the traveller shall be expressly subject to the legislation in respect of road accidents of the country in which the vehicle is registered, being entitle in respect of personal injuries to refer to its insurance in accordance with the corresponding table of indemnities for this purpose and in virtue of which payment will be made to the interested parties, beneficiaries or legal representatives in the country in which the vehicle are registered and specifically in the legal tender of that country.

The descriptions of the services reflected for each establishment are those provided by the establishments themselves as at the contract dates, meaning that these characteristics may be subject to possible variations. The photographs displayed in the programme of persons, landscapes, hotels, apartments etc. were taken by or provided by external suppliers and are included merely for guidance and the Organising Agency shall not be held responsible if the customer does not find identical situations during his or her stay. Meals: In the case of FULL BOARD, breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served, the first service to be provided by the hotel being dinner and the last the lunch on the departure date (this may be modified by the customer when making the reservation). Under HALF BOARD, breakfast and dinner will be served, unless the customer chooses otherwise and the hotel can accept the change (dinner for lunch), except when the services to be provided are already specified. If the customer leaves the hotel prior to the contracted date of departure the Organising Agency does not undertake to make any refund unless the customer obtains a written statement from the establishment that it will NOT be billing the nights or services not taken up, with said statement to carry the establishment’s stamp.

The validity of this programme goes from 01/09/2007, being binding on the Organising agency during this period. Nonetheless, the changes to this information will be valid if they are communicated to the consumer prior to the contract being signed or when the modifications have been agreed between the contracting parties.

Discounts up to 15%

in all types of excursions, whether by bushikingboat tour, etc., through our Travel agency Oasis La Palma, with office in Los Cancajos. Free Wifi in both offices. External cleaning of the vehicle in our installations (by appointment necessary).

Details Car Delivery

  • Your are requierd to present your passport and driver licence at the car delivery.
  • Please contact us as soon as possible in any case of delay or change of arrival time.
  • Airport delivery. We wait for you at the airport meeting point on your arrrival. Please go directly to the meeting point.
    Cars colection at the airport: it is obligatory to return the car in the parking zone A. If the car will be returned in any other place of the airport we will charge 30.- eur to the clients deposit or 15.- eur in case of informing the company.
  • Harbour delivery. We wait at the entrance of the harbour terminal (Estacion Maritima) with a sign and your name on it.
  • Accommodation delivery. The Autos Oasis Team will wait for you in the reception at the time shown in your voucher.


CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) and TW (Theft Waiver)

  • Always included in the paid rate.
  • Excess charges can range from 200 to 600 euros depending on the size of the car (except offers shown). Excess will be charged on your creditcard and returned on your credit card if the car has been collected in the same conditions as picked up. In exceptional cases and only on request the Excess can be deposited in cash. Refund of the Excess will be done by bank transfer, charging € 0,00 administration fee for national bank transfers and € 5,00 for international bank transfers.

Excess (Super CDW)

  • If you want to have a CDW without Excess (Super CDW) you can choose the option to pay a daily supplement. Charges are between 3 to 10 euros per day, depending on the size and value of the vehicle (except offers shown). Deposit (minimum 100 €) by credit card require.
    CDW insurance and SCDW insurance:  you must show to Autos Oasis La Palma the friendly declaration of accident (declaración amistosa de accidente) within 24 hours from the accident duly and completely filled,  either the accident was with another vehicle or not, either you're the guilty or not, independently of the greater or lesser gravity of the accident. You can show this paper coming directly to our office, you can send it by fax or e-mail.
    Any delay or failure to submit this paper to Autos Oasis La Palma will automatically cancels the SCDW insurance.
  • The insurance does not cover, in any circumstances, the undercarriage, wheel covers and tyres and transport in case of breakdown due to damage or accident caused by the client. The insurance does not cover any load, luggage or personal belongings in the vehicle. The Super CDW (without excess insurance) is subject to certain exclusions which include, without limit, when damage is caused to windows / windscreens, wheels and tyres, the underside or roof of the car or where the vehicle is driven off-road or on un-tarmacked roads, without due care and attention, negligently or where the driver is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Your liability to pay for the damage will therefore not be waived in these circumstances and you may be liable for the full cost.


GroupsWithout excess (Super CDW included)With excess (Super CDW not included) 
A100 €300 €
B, C100 €300 €
C1, D200 €400 €
E, F, G, I300 €600 €
H380 €950 €
J, K750 €1500 €

P.A.I (Personal Accident Insurance)

  • Included in the paid rate. Maximum amount of 20.000,00 Euros.(+/- 18.000 S. Pounds).

Cancellation Policy

* Promotion: No cancellation or amendment fees *: Costs € 0.00 provided us know and / or justified by at least 24 hours in advance in groups A, B, and C groups with at least 7 days. Cancellations with less than 24 hours and no show has a cost value of 1 day. The refund amount due, if any, will always in the same way he made the payment, doing Cars Oasis La Palma is no charge for this return if this is by credit card, except their own payment system Visa if any, and fee of 5.00 € for domestic transfers and € 10.00 per international transfers. Autos Oasis is not responsible for possible charges of the issuing credit card or bank supplied by the customer. No cash refunds will be made unless the payment was in cash.

* This promotion is NOT VALID for the groups E, F, G, H, I and J and reserves that include all or part of dates: Christmas, New Year, Carnival, Easter and from July 15 to August 25, which will apply the following cancellation policy:

Modifications of reservation in all groups: 10 €
Cancelations in Groups A, B, C y D
Cancellations + 48 hours: 
Cancellations - 48 hours: 
No Show:
15 €
cost 1 day
cost 2 days
Cancellations in  Grups E, F, G, H, I, J, K:
Cancellations + 7 dias:
Cancellations - 7 dias and + 72 hours: 
Cancellations - 72 hours and No Show:
cost 1 day
cost 3 days
In any case all changes and cancellations due to unfavorable weather and sickness have demonstrated cost 0 €.

General Conditions

    • Unlimited mileage.
    • All prices shown include all taxes (13,5% IGIC) without exception.   
    • Drivers must have held a licence for a minimum 2 years. Minimum age is 23. Extra charge an under age fee for these drivers. The charges can be a minimum of 2 euros per day.
    • The payment will be deducted from your credit card by Autos Oasis upon completing your reservation. Please have your credit card available as it must be shown at the time of pickup. The credit card owner and driver must be the same person.
    • All bookings by our customers are subject to our terms and conditions.
    • The customer acknowledges that in making a booking with Autos Oasis La Palma SL he/she does so only on the basis of the material contained on our voucher, on our website or information provided on the phone by our call centre agents.
    • Autos Oasis La Palma SL is a car rental. Bookings made are subject to these terms and conditions. Please note that the rental of the vehicle will be subject to the law of Spain. You should satisfy yourself that you understand (and agree) to its terms and conditions, as you will be subject to, and must comply with these terms, and the law.
    • Autos Oasis La Palma SL will not be held responsible for anyone driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, causing willful damage, off road driving or driving without due care and attention. The customer will accept responsibility in respect of such claims.
    • Costs incurred for administrative processing of Traffic and Parking Infraction Fines: € 20,00.
    • Cars and all offers are subject to availability. All information in these terms and conditions, including prices, is correct at the time of publication.
    • Rates and availability are subjected to change without previous notice.


Additional Driver

    • In some offers the first additional driver is free of charge and after this there is a charge between 10 euros per day to 12 euros per rental.

Out of hours

    • This service is on a request basis. The charges vary between 2 and 50 euros depending on the local place. Out of hours collections are only available at certain locations.

Fuel Deposit

    • We will offer the option return with +/- the same petrol. A deposit is always required and any missing petrol will be deducted from the deposit plus a refuelling charge. If the vehicle is collected full and left empty, the client will pay for the all the petrol and the charges vary between 35 euros and 80 euros depending on the size of the vehicle. No refunds will be given for unused petrol.

Use of Vehicle

    • The vehicle must not be used for the paid transport of passengers.
    • The vehicle must not be used to push or tow.
    • The vehicle must not be used to transport goods that infringe the law.
    • The client is responsible for any fines or penalties and must inform of this.
    • If the vehicle documents are lost, the client must pay a fee to Oasis La Palma.
    • The only authorised persons to drive the vehicle are the ones stated in the contract.
    • The customer should not carry more passengers than those permitted by law.
    • The vehicle must not be driven off road, on an untarmacked surface or in dangerous areas e.g. beaches, canyons etc.
    • It is understood that non-compliance with these regulations will void the insurance.


    • The vehicle documents must be kept safe and in the vehicle at all times.
    • Personal Data. Autos Oasis will hold your personal data relating to the rental for legal reasons.

Mechanical Difficulties/Accidents

    • In the event of any mechanical difficulties or accidents involving your car, it is important that details are reported to Oasis La Palma car rental within 24 hours.
    • In the event of an accident you must also complete an accident report form by the end of the rental period.
    • Local police should also be notified in the case of accidents and a signed police report obtained.
    • Full details of third parties should also be obtained.
    • Autos Oasis La Palma must give authority to repair or replace a vehicle if it is clearly not your fault. Their name and contact details are shown on your voucher and rental agreement.
    • You should retain copies of all rental documentation in the event an insurance company is involved.
    • Your insurance cover may be invalidated if this procedure is not followed correctly and this may prejudice any claim for compensation.
    • A check-in form must be signed on return of the vehicle. Failure to do so may delay the investigation of disputes regarding damage excess charges.

To make the cars delivery easier and quicker please check if you filled in the booking formular correctly, if not please send us the following details:

-Name and Surname:-Telephone number:
-Birthdate:-Passport number
-Place of birth:-Place of issue:
-Home adress:-Date of issue
-Post code-Driving licence number:
-Nationality:-Place of issue:
-Accommodation name on La Palma:-Date of issue:

Treatment of Personal Data

According to current regulations regarding data protection as well as on services of the information society and electronic commerce, the user accepts that personal data provided at the time of registration, or any other data provided to OASISLAPALMA . COM, for access to the web site, are incorporated into files belonging to this company, in order to facilitate the provision of services requested, the correct identification of users requesting personalized services to perform statistical studies of the registered users to make improvements in services for the management of basic administrative tasks, and to keep you informed by email or through any other means, news, products and services OASISLAPALMA. COM, or third-party collaborators. In the case of commercial communications via e-mail or equivalent means, the user gives express consent to send advertising via this medium.
Also, the user gives his consent to OASISLAPALMA.COM, gives its data to other websites with which it manages directly, with the sole purpose of improving intermediation in the provision of services agreed upon, respecting, in any case, the law Spanish on the protection of personal data.
OASISLAPALMA.COM is committed to fulfilling its obligation of secrecy of personal data and its duty to treat as confidential, and assumes, to these effects, the technical, organizational and security measures to prevent alteration, loss, unauthorized access or processing, in accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data, and other applicable legislation.
The user, in any event, the veracity of the information provided, OASISLAPALMA.COM reserving the right to exclude from the registered services any user who has provided false information, without prejudice to other actions that may apply in law.
Any registered user can at any time exercise the right to access, correct and, if necessary, terminate their personal data supplied by request to agencia@oasislapalma.com.